• By far the most attractive benefit of hiring a freelance web designer like  is the potential for a competitive price.
  • Despite the potential for a lower cost, Freelance Web Designer produce work of an excellent standard – clients therefore get a great result at a reasonable price!
  • Freelance Web Designer is  highly motivated – he really want to work with you on your project. Because your success is my business.
  • He will return your calls, I’m always keen to create a great impression.
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  • Freelance web designers like me are great when it comes to website upgrades because I’ll design your website and I’ll be here to help when you need changes.
  • He will give you fantastic personal service – he understand that if you’re outsourcing something as important as your website, you’ll want to know that you’re speaking to the person who you’ll be working with on your project and who’ll really understand ‘first hand’ what it is that you want.
  • Freelance Web Designers are very driven and  want to do the best job possible – your work is really important to him as it will help my business as well as yours.
  • He is  able to deliver your project on time, it’s really important to him  to keep your work on schedule.
  • Freelance Web Designer is highly innovative  got great ideas and cutting edge technology.
  • He is  great at keeping you up-to-date with progress on your project – he is  committed to keeping you informed at every stage.

In Conclusion

The upshot of it all this is that a freelance web designer can’t charge an arm and a leg to build a basic website. If they are just starting out, you might get a crazy deal (think under $200 or a fully worked, smashing website). Most Freelancers rarely build expensive websites because that job could take them away from less intense but far more interesting pursuits. Freelancers aren’t in it for the money. I can promise you that. Otherwise, they’d start a company – and then franchise it.

Web design company bosses probably originally went into website work because they loved the code and the creative way that you can express intention with a website.

Sadly, being a boss no longer allows them to experiment and play with code and images.

The bottom line is simple :

With a company you might be lucky to get what you paid for. With a freelancer you’ll get much more for half the price.